Arrange seminars /Workshop

When the business is confronted with a choice between going through hundreds of pages of research material or listening to experts discuss topics of interest in a comfortable and convenient setting. Then conducting a regular seminar will deliver the cost-efficient and effective way for companies to reach out to their target customers and/or industry partners.

In AMAD we believe that seminar planning and preparations, constituting 80% of total work involved, cascade to the actual event which may last only for a few hours or a few days.

Therefor AMAD allocates all business service and operation for seminars or workshop preparations. As it’s the essential factor of a seminar success. the process of planning and organizing a professional seminar / workshop is developing a plan. The process for conducting a seminar/ workshop by AMAD can be briefed in:

  • Establishing seminar theme
  • Venue selection
  • Lab / instructor preparation
  • Marketing and publicity
  • Collaboration with sponsors
  • Managing People and working with speakers
  • Seminar workshop Day Preparation, Registration, Ushering and Feedback