Health & Safety

Risk assessment

Ref No: 2015012

AMAD Tech is fully-aware of how important Risk Assessment is where such process is deemed to be the most of organization sustainability.

In addition to the OSH training courses provided by AMAD Tech, we strongly pay attention to the importance of Risk Assessment as a tool for protecting organizations from potential risks in the future.

AMAD Tech realizes that without Risk Assessment, organizations will be exposure to collapse in this highly competitive business market.

Therefore, AMAD Tech focuses on providing tailor-made training course on Risk Assessment in order to protect organizations the severe competiveness which penetrates the business nowadays.

In addition, such training courses will enable participants to know their roles within the OSH systems and how to apply the corrective and preventive procedures.

  • Introduction to Risk Assessment;
  • Relevant hazards and risks;
  • Hierarchy of risk control;
  • Measures to control the unacceptable risks;
  • Discussion the control measures to new hazards;
  • An overview of hazard evaluation;
  • The use and utility of risk assessment;
  • Human contribution to major accidents;
  • Control of major accident hazards;
  • How to carry out Risk Assessment;
  • Introduction to Root Cause Analysis;
  • Principles for HSE Project plans and Reviews;
  • Framework for risk assessment;
  • Hazards and Operability Studies (HAZOP) – in brief;
  • The role of Failure Modes and Effects Analysis;
  • Event Tree Analysis;
  • The role of Fault Tree Analysis in Quantified Risk Assessment (QRA); and
  • Human error and human reliability analysis.
  • Supervisors, engineers and manager of OSH;
  • OSH `consultants; and
  • OSH inspectors.

Trainees shall receive a portfolio containing a comprehensive course manual.

Attendees shall receive a certificate of attendance from AMAD Tech.