Information Security

Ism iso 27001 lead auditor

Ref No: 2015015

Information security issue has become one of the most dangerous problems that raise the concern of the international organization, particularly, financial institutions and banks, in the shadow of cybercrimes.

From this point, AMAD Tech pays great attention to provide its clients with training courses on how to apply the international standard ISO 27001, related to Information Security Management (ISM).

Such training course has been tailored to develop the skills required by trainees on how to audit ISM in order to maintain the confidentiality of the information sensitive to an organization against cybercrimes.

During the Course, trainees shall learn how to audit through theoretical and practical explanation and workshops presented by the trainer along with roles exchange between the trainees and the trainer.

This Training Course is certified by the IRCA in order to fulfill the needs of the trainees who wish to be registered in the IRCA.

By the end of this course trainees will be able to:

  • Thoroughly understand the application of the information security management system in ISO 27001:2005 context;
  • Understand the relationship between information security management system, including the management of risks and controls, and the various stakeholders;
  • Learn auditing skills according to ISO 27001, and the role of the auditors;
  • Understand audit principles, procedures, techniques, and being able to apply them in the audit framework;
  • Understand the legal, statutory or contract obligations relevant during an ISMS audit;
  • Acquire the personal skills required to perform an audit in an effective and cost-effective manner, and managing an audit team;
  • Learn evaluation skills, audit, and how to reach results;
  • Preparing and completing an audit report ISO 27001; and
  • Providing trainees with the skills required to take corrective actions.
  • Employees in charge of information and data security;
  • Specialists in the field of information and technology;
  • Specialists and employees of in banks, insurers and financial and banking institutions;
  • Specialists and employees working on operation and maintenance of information centers and database application, such as SAP;
  • All individuals who wish to hold positions as consultants or auditors for ISO-certifying bodies.
  • All personnel in charge of the application of ISO 27001 in order to audit ISM ISO 27001;
  • Individuals interested in the First Party Audit, the Second Party Audit and the Third Party Audit; and
  • Quality consultants, management representatives, quality manager, engineers and supervisor and ISO officers.

Trainees shall receive a portfolio containing the following materials:

  • Comprehensive course manual; and
  • A copy of both ISO 27001 and ISO 19011.
  • Attendees who pass the written exams shall receive an ISM Lead Auditor certificate, approved by IRCA
  • Attendees shall receive a certificate of attendance from AMAD Tech.