Information Security

Isms auditing

Ref No: 2015018

ISMS Auditing is one of the most important processes which maintain the confidentiality of information in an organization.
As, at AMAD Tech, we believe in the importance of this process, we provide specialized training courses to enable trainees to perform ISMS external auditing and report accounts auditing results.

  • IS principles;
  • ISM terminologies;
  • ISMS;
  • Importance of auditing;
  • Types of auditing;
  • Certification;
  • Ratification;
  • Auditing responsibilities;
  • Auditor’s competence;
  • Preparation for auditing;
  • Auditing program;
  • Reference list preparation;
  • Auditor’s list;
  • Conformity evaluation;
  • Auditing procedure;
  • Meeting opening;
  • Reporting methods;
  • Accounts auditing paths;
  • Importance of communication in auditing;
  • Techniques inquiry;
  • Auditing results;
  • Non-accordant phrases;
  • Corrective Actions Request (CAR);
  • Improvement opportunities;
  • Auditing summary;
  • Meeting closing;
  • Auditing reports; and
  • Logout follow-up and closing.

This training course is designed for those who understand and are aware of the International Standard ISO / IEC 27001:2005, in order to gain more profound understanding of all auditing activities, step by step, from theory to practical exercise. This will assist trainees in transforming their knowledge into actions.

Trainees shall receive a portfolio containing the comprehensive course manual.

Attendees shall receive a certificate of attendance from AMAD Tech.