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Six Sigma Green Belt

Ref No: 2015020

Rapid development of many management and technical concepts has induced both service and industry organizations to find methods and strategies appropriate for achieving their goals and enhancing their services and products according to their available resources and capabilities.
Therefore, 6 Sigma has become the best modern methodology for improving services, products and operations.
During the study of this training course, we will get familiar with 6 Sigma Green Belt. The employees of this level are responsible for business development via 6 Sigma methodologies.
Therefore, AMAD Tech pays good attention to provide training courses on 6 Sigma Green Belt, in particular, for it is important for organizational development.
After this course, trainees shall be able to deploy 6 Sigma methodologies and techniques within their workplaces, and motivate improvement teams within an organization.

  • 6 Sigma Definition;
  • 6 Sigma origination;
  • 6 Sigma relationship with quality;
  • 6 Sigma principles;
  • Focus on 6 Sigma;
  • Decision-making based on operations and internal activities;
  • Effective management based on preplanning;
  • Unlimited cooperation;
  • Continuous improvement;
  • Full involvement;
  • Protection instead of inspection;
  • Quality aspects;
  • Stages of 6 Sigma implementation;
  • 6 Sigma project specification;
  • 6 Sigma team formation;
  • 6 Sigma organizational structure; and
  • Project implementation.
  • Team leaders of improvement and development projects;
  • Directors in charge of development and operations management;
  • Directors and executives involved in reducing loss during financial results improvement;
  • Officers of 6 Sigma implementation, or officers in charge of project management and development; and
  • All personnel wishing to understand 6 Sigma methodologies in improvement and development.

Trainees shall receive a portfolio containing the comprehensive course manual.

Attendees shall receive a certificate of attendance from AMAD Tech.