Practical skills for business sales in the Third Millennium

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Practical skills for business sales in the Third Millennium

(Contractual training program for companies and bodies)

Fickle market and competitors .. fear of rejection and frequency and delay the customers .. sales ratio is high .. Positions unfinished ..baha experience problems ...

Now it can be solved through this program you get the bottom of practical experiences for professionals, ideas and techniques, and regain the discovery Mmizzatk and refine skills that will help you access to the shortest and Odmnha to achieve higher sales, and outperform your competition, and how to gain new customers and ensure their loyalty and persuade them, and the best ways to end deals.

Target groups within companies:

  • Sales managers
  • Supervisors sales areas
  • Administrators sales department
  • sales representatives
  • Distributors

Advantages of attending the program:

  • The program contains more than 40 exercise and a workshop and a case study
  • The program focuses on provide participants with practical skills for the modern art sale
  • The implementation of practical applications and exercises on the field of activity of the company
  • The trainees implement the sell-offs associated with the real train
  • It is time to harvest the market and exceed expected profits

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