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Qualifying laboratories quality specialist in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 17025:2005

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Course Description

Making the decision to implement ISO/IEC 17025 can be critical to the overall success of a laboratory. However, the manner with which it is implemented is even more crucial, because if properly done, it will literally enable the company to meet the highest standards of its customers. It will also provide universal assurance that its data and service quality will consistently meet these expectations, resulting in worldwide acceptance of your laboratory's test results and provide legally defensible data to your clients. 

This program will enable you to be qualified to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively implement and manage ISO /IEC 17025 and achieve accreditation for your laboratory.

Benefits of Training

Night training at the suitable time for trainees.

Qualified tutors holding a Master and PhD degrees and accredited from International bodies.

Language of training

Course material and presentation in English, and the discussion and explanation will be in Arabic and terminologies in English

History, purpose and structure of ISO/IEC 17025.

The requirements and scope of the ISO 17025 standard

How to meet and implement the requirements of ISO 17025

How to comply with the detailed step-by-step requirements of the standard.

Laboratory Audit Technique (Internal Audit)

Introduction to Audit

Audit / Assess the laboratory performance

Documentation of findings and Identification of Non Conformities 

Laboratory Assessor Requirements

Types and Methods of Audit

Checklist Preparation,

Audit Planning and Audit Schedule.

The Audit Process

Preparation of Audit Report

The principles and application of quality control

How to monitor and continually improve quality control processes

Calibration and Uncertainty Measurement

Concept of Calibration and Traceability 

Methods for the Estimation and Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement 

Introduction of Laboratory Accreditation

Those responsible for maintaining and achieving laboratory accreditation

Those who manage laboratory support functions, testing and operations

Technicians and laboratory staff who need to understand ISO 17025

Those who want to become internal laboratory auditors

"The trainer was excellent and could provide us a lot of information. We have gained a lot of knowledge about ISO 17025 Laboratory accreditation!"

Executives, laboratory managers, quality assurance managers, project managers, team leaders or other key personnel responsible for implementing a quality management system based on ISO/IEC 17025.

Delegates receive comprehensive course manuals with reference materials

Attendees shall receive a certificate of attendance from AMAD


SN Date Location Fees Apply
1 09 - 13 Oct 2016 RIYADH - SAUDI ARABIA 5750 ر.س Apply Details