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Food Poisoning - types, causes & prevention

Ref No: 201614

Topics of  this course talking about cases which it occurs food poisoning, types, symptoms, causes (microbial, chemical, naturally), the most common types of food poisoning occur, including (sources), treatment and prevention.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course the trainee will be able to:

  • Diagnosis and make epidemiological investigation in cases of food poisoning to find the causes.
  • How to deal with cases of food poisoning and how to straighten out the health conditions of institutions to prevent a repeat of cases of food poisoning in the future.

Be fully aware of the causes of food poisoning and sources of food.

Course Language:

Course Language in English, and explain the material in Arabic and English together.

Duration: Two days

  • The concept of food poisoning and types (Microbial, Chemical, Other).
  • The symptoms of food poisoning (Microbial, Chemical, Other).
  • Sources of food poisoning and how the microbes access the food.
  • Follow-up cases of food poisoning and how to conduct the survey and the search for the cause.
  • Prevention of food poisoning.
  • Hygiene and good practices necessary to prepare healthy food.
  • The safety of workers and their relationship to food poisoning.
  • Food & health technicians, supervisors, engineers working in food establishments, workers in the food control institutions, consultants working in food safety.
  • All types of organizations and individuals working within the food chain.
  • Workers in the health authorities, regulators and municipalities and customs.
  • Workers the privet sector in the food and beverages production ,catering, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, airlines, and food service workers in the trade sector & industry, associations and institutions concerned with public health.
  • Food scientist in any food legislation, control and standardization & Specifications departments.
  • Anyone looking forward to the establishment of healthy eating and knowledge of health conditions from the start.

Students receive comprehensive course manuals with reference materials.

At the end of the training trainees will get an attendance certificate from AMAD Technical Training center.


SN Date Location Fees Apply
1 03 - 04 Aug 2016 RIYADH - SAUDI ARABIA 2000 ر.س Apply Details