Health & Safety


Ref No: 2015009

We, at AMAD Tech, appreciate how important it is for organizations to keep the safety of their personnel. We are fully-aware that such matter has become one of the requirements of successful organizations in the world of treating with hazardous materials.

Therefore, AMAD Tech provides a training course on the legislations and standards of hazardous materials related to material safety data (MSDS) labeling.

This training course has been prepared by professional trainers in order to suit contemporary requirements of organizations.

At the end of the course, trainees are supposed to gain the following knowledge and skills:

  • What chemicals are;
  • What kind of hazards can chemicals cause;
  • Safe use of flammable and combustion liquids;
  • Safe use of dangerously reactive liquids and solids;
  • Safe use of oxidizing liquids and solids;
  • Save use of corrosive materials;
  • Safe use of compressed gasses;
  • Classes of HazMat;
  • Identify unique markings required for specified hazardous materials;
  • Cite the number of hazard classes;
  • Determine the division of a hazard class;
  • Safe use of toxic material;
  • How workplace chemicals access the human body;
  • What makes chemicals poisonous;
  • Practices and procedures for toxic materials; and
  • Terminologies of safe handling of hazardous materials.

Chemical engineers, safety supervisors and all technicians and personnel involved in operations.

Trainees shall receive a portfolio containing a comprehensive course manual.

Attendees shall receive a certificate of attendance from AMAD Tech.