Booth Staffing

A dedicated account manager is in charge of each client’s event/exhibit. We work with you to determine the adequate number of booth representors that matches your budget and requirements. Whether you are aiming at introducing new products/services or expanding your market to new horizons, we help you pinpoint specific, measurable business goals that are clearly communicated to your booth staff. All our booth representors are bilingual (Arabic is always one of the 2 languages they master) with extraordinary ability to deal with different cultural backgrounds With full knowledge of your products/ services as well as your corporate identity and exceptional communication and presentation skills, our booth staff are responsible for every minor detail on the exhibit floor ranging from asking the right questions, giving accurate answers and actively engaging your prospects to generating leads and collecting lead info. Each booth representor completely understands their roles and works cooperatively to reach your business goals. All booth representors maintain appropriate attire that suits your corporate culture and resonates with the country-specific/exhibit-specific culture. An important step mostly ignored or ineffectively executed is following up with leads quickly and professionally. Be it through E-mails or phone calls, our booth staff are armed with a concrete, customized follow-up plan that guarantees you stand out from the crowd. Tracking the results of lead generation and lead follow-ups