CEO’s Speech


AMAD’s Event Management Sector seeks to enter into strategic partnership with entrepreneurs and trademark owners in order to make their projects successful by holding conferences, symposia and exhibitions in all various types and areas of work.

We also keep in our mind the most important success factors related to these events by putting all required plans before the implementation stages, setting the time and procedural order and working on the reduction of errors and problems during implementation, as well as producing successful outputs.

To undertake this great responsibility, we coordinate the following tasks during the implementation of events:

  • Putting defined targets for each event,
  • Drafting the detailed plan and then developing the final plan according to the event schedule,
  • Studying application aspects necessary for the success of the event in terms of its location, invited people, accommodation places, the means of transportation, etc.,
  • Translating the event into the reality, and
  • Valuating the event among the various work teams and closing the operation schedule.


“The intergraded organization for the event and its management”... This is the key mission which AMAD’s Event Management Sector aims to achieve, inspiring the success stories in managing the previous events.

To communicate this mission to a wider segment of clients and establish it concept, the sector developed an integrated system including the best human, physical, information and financial resources to effectively and efficiently achieve its targets. This applies to all stages before, during and after the event.

It is worth mentioning that our work team conduct many brainstorming sessions to determine the needs of each event separately and to discuss several opinions and visions, especially in terms of the target audience or people who will enrich the event by delivering speeches or displaying the details or viewpoints to activate the recommendations raised by the audience.

Fundamental Values:

  • Quality: We believe that good work is the basis of success, and business quality is the key factor of its advancement.
  • Uniqueness: We distinguish ourselves through innovative ideas and content. In addition, we create the best solutions for our partners.
  • Pioneership: It comes in the scope of the integration between the professionalism of our experts and the engagement of our partners.
  • Focus: Concentrating on targets is the most effective way to achieve them.
  • Fulfillment: It means success in achieving targets, and that is what we seek.