Executive Director’s Speech

AMAD’s Event Management Sector works hard to ensure the success of all assigned tasks related to managing and supervising the various events, through the constant and integrated coordination with the competent persons within the beneficiary, and entire organization of all details and resources of the event.

This requires close cooperation between the Event Management Sector and the entity benefiting from this service with aim of forming a high supervisory committee to which many the coordination tasks, organization, management, monitoring and evaluation are assigned,

The beneficiary is committed to entirely supervise the tasks assigned to AMAD’s Event Management Sector and provide all moral and logistic support, such as:

  • Approving the media identity of the symposium, including its logo, advertisements, booklets, brochures, banners, and roller-ups, netbooks, official documents, folders, etc.,
  • Approving the general policies organizing the event,
  • Approving the event schedule,
  • Approving the recommendations of the other work teams of AMAD’s Event Management Sector,
  • Approving the appropriate solutions related to any obstacles which may face any work team,
  • Providing full support related to anything contributing to the success of the event,
  • Obtaining visas for those coming from outside Saudi Arabia,
  • Sending official letters to the governmental  stakeholders to participate in the event,
  • Communicating with the government agencies to provide the facilities and support necessary for the success of the event.
  • Inviting honorable competent ministers and official bodies concerned with the event to participate in the opening ceremony and the first session.
  • Communicating with the competent government agencies to support the event and provide Event Management Sector with any information, statistics and reports on its activities and projects with aim of achieving the target of the event.

AMAD is also committed to undertake all organizational tasks, including logistics, marketing and media organization, scientific, technical organization and hospitality. It also provides the beneficiary with successive reports on the organizational process stages, and applies all amendments and comments related to the organization in line with the target of the event and the methodology agreed upon in the organization process.