Ministry of commerce and Industry (MCI) is starting market surveillance to make sure of application of Energy Efficiency Label for air conditioners at January 1, 2014

Date :Mon ,30 Dec 13

MCI called on all consumers to make sure of the presence of such Labels on the air conditioners due to their impact on reducing the invoice value. 

MCI will start first of January , corresponding to 29/02/1435 AH, The  Campaign for The second ramp-up of  mandatory application of  Energy Efficiency Label  in the market , through conducting market surveillance in stores that sell air conditioners to make sure of the presence of the said Label  on all air conditioners displayed for sale, check also the commitment of the importers and the local manufacturers of the minimum number of stars, ensure that the shoddy and bad air conditioners were withdrawn from the markets, this is in accordance with Saudi  Energy Efficiency Center  (SEEC) and Saudi Standards , Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO), which set the minimum limits



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