For the first time in Riyadh, Certified Quality Engineer Program

Date :Tue ,09 Jul 13

The certified quality engineer and ISO 9001 Lead Auditor course had been conducted in Riyadh city by cooperation between AMAD technical consultation and laboratories & Productivity and Quality Institute one of the entity of Arab Academy For Science and Technology and Maritime Transport, the course was conducted in Obaer hotel for 5 days as per the requirements and regulations of “International Register of Certified Auditors” IRCA. This course aim to qualify trainee to get the required skills and experience according to the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001:2008, this course is certified by IRCA (The International Register of Certified Auditors) and meets the training requirements seeking registration as an auditor under the IRCA Auditor Registration scheme.

Many governmental and private bodies in the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia was interested to nominate their trainees to attend this course base on the past experience of AMAD & PQI in providing training course in the field of Quality to many organizations inside and outside Kingdome of Saudi Arabia and due to that the course is international accredited from IRCA.