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Saudi Arabia is one of the largest global markets in the volume of imports, as Saudi markets receives annually huge quantities of goods and products, including refrigeration and freezing devices, from different countries of the world. But the markets in the Kingdom are still suffering from the entry of some unstandardized goods and products, imported from some countries at cheap prices, that are not subject to sufficient control preventing them from entering the markets, in addition to the presence of some locally manufactured products, sold in markets directly without passing through the monitoring authorities.

The importance of this study stems from the major expansion in the use of refrigeration and freezing devices to save food and medicines in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors, the bad effect of using low-efficiency devices in those sectors, and what follow that of increasing loads on the electrical grid throughout the year which are not linked to a specific season. Out of the keenness of the Ministry of Water and Electricity to achieve the best services in the electricity sector which is supervised by it, and the desire to provide better protection for users of electricity, and to optimize the use of energy, the ministry has considered carrying out a study to know the possibility of the application of new technologies for refrigeration and freezing devices in residential, commercial and industrial sectors in the Kingdom, and their technical and economic feasibility.

Work is in progress now to complete the study, where Amad Office teamwork has finished establishing the Saudi market database by limiting the refrigeration and freezing products in the Kingdom in residential, commercial and industrial sectors and collecting information related to the technologies used in the Kingdom. Amad brings along experts from (BSRIA) for data and standards analysis, and for studying the global market.



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