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This symposium was held due to persistent pursuit of the Ministry of Water and Electricity (MoWE) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to achieve electrical safety, and the ministry’s initiative to find appropriate means for cutting down electric risks to the minimum. MoWE as the supervisory of electricity sector is working on a continuous way to activate its role in creating the appropriate legislations and regulations to assist the relevant authorities in electricity utilities; generation, transmission and distribution sectors, to provide the protection for all sectors facilities and the employees working therein from potential risks, work injuries, occupational illness.

The symposium topic is one of the most important topics, since the recommendations that can be produced by the symposium has a significant impact on preventing fires, accidents, and life loss in the system of generation, transmission and distribution of energy supply, minimizing its harmful effects, or reducing the disconnecting of electricity for subscribers, in addition to avoiding huge losses in energy supply system infrastructure. Statistics indicates continued increasing in financial expenditure to promote energy supply system infrastructure in order to accommodate the increasing growth in electricity demand. Electricity sector plans include new projects with a value of 120 billion that will provide reserves which are expected to reach 8 % by 2015. Power plants are also being added continuously to meet the increasing demand in electricity, where the generation capacity is increased from 25,000 MW in 2000 to reach about 58,000 MW by the end of 2013, in other words, an increase of 132%. National Grid SA Company continued its plans to link the Kingdom regions by a national network up to 96 % with lengths reaching 54318 circular km in 2013, i.e. 83 % higher than 2000.



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