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This symposium was held due to persistent pursuit of the Ministry of Water and Electricity (MoWE) to rise the efficiency of electrical usage and to cut down electric risks causing human and economic losses in the work environment in the Saudi industrial facilities.

The Ministry of Water and Electricity and Amad organized the aforementioned Electrical Safety Experts Symposiums, in cooperation with the International Federation for the Safety of Electricity Users in Riyadh, executing the Ministry instructions and caring about contributing in raising knowledge levels of the electrical sector experts on the dangers of electrical wiring and the way of wiring verification in the governmental facilities, residential buildings, and the system of generating, transferring and distributing electrical energy, discussed in details during the three symposiums. Experts from different sides of the world participated through the symposiums, in addition to attendants professional in the symposium field and different sectors representatives in the industrial and governmental fields and the using companies and the consultative sector, the standardization and laboratories sector, who contributed in discussing the symposiums topics.

A view of the developing countries experiences was presented, for the legislations and the laws that can be developed in the Kingdom to serve the occupational health and safety, especially achieving the electrical safety of the industrial facilities of which the Ministry concerns.

The workshops included highlighting the international conformance program of the electrical equipment safety in the industrial explosive situations, it also included reviewing the national and the international experiences of meeting the maximum safety requirements in the industrial facilities and the challenges facing the local industry in reaching the appropriate level of safety.

The symposiums attained its goals with the conclusion of the recommendations suitable for the discussed issues to reach the purposes of these symposiums on controlling the electrical accidents, and finding solutions to meet electrical safety requirements and to decrease human and material losses.



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