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The idea behind the workshop on “Air Conditioners Energy Efficiency Regulations and Implementations” came to achieve one of the most important roles of the Ministry concerning raising the awareness for electricity consumption rationalization, and the optimum methods for controlling electrical energy waste, which is the cause behind big economic losses, and depending on the Ministry continual concerns about increasing its contribution in finding practical solutions to increase the electricity usage efficiency, and because the air conditioners loads occupied about 70% of the domestic electricity consumption during summer, the Ministry started the implementation of a study aiming at finding new designs for high efficiency air conditioners suitable for usage in the hot atmospheres of the Kingdom at 46˚C. On the basis of the Ministry interest in benefiting from the local and international experiences in this field and especially in the field of the energy cards for air conditioners and the means for verifying the conformance of these air conditioners to the standards and the technical Regulations and the rationalization requirements adopted for such purpose, the workshop will focus on this field to locally benefit from the mechanisms adopted in other countries, and the workshop will present the results reached with the study implemented by the Ministry till now, and its sharing with all the concerned parties in the governmental, industrial, commercial, researching sectors.



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