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The idea behind holding the Saudi Electricity Efficiency Forum and Exhibition emerged in accordance with the rational government resolutions issued to intense the awareness for conserving energy and efficient electrical usage, working on raising the efficiency of electrical appliances and equipment, and illustrating the benefits returning to the users, the residential, commercial and industrial facilities, in addition to identifying the optimum methods and the modern techniques for efficient usage of electricity to control electrical energy waste, and its management means and the environmental protection. On the basis of the Ministry of Water and Electricity interest in benefiting from the local and international experiences in this field, the Ministry organized the Forum and the associated Exhibition looking forward to gather experts under one umbrella to review and discuss this vital issue.

The importance of the Forum rises from accompanying specialized workshops which attract a number of experts from Arab and international relevant bodies with great experience in this area and its association with a specialized exhibition which gather major companies operating in the field of electricity, air conditioning, lighting and thermal insulation, etc. and it is expected to attract the interest of experts in local, regional and international bodies, interested in electrical energy and its efficient use. The exhibition will include exhibits which will reflect the modern global trends and new technologies, in the area of conservation of electrical energy, the latest developments in the field of renewable energies, and the means of raising the efficiency of the use of electrical energy in buildings and electrical appliances. The exhibition accompanying the forum will be the reason for major companies interested in rationalization techniques, renewable energy, green buildings and smart buildings to attend to share their knowledge, and to participate in the events of the forum.

The forum and exhibition will provide an opportunity to know about the government and private local stakeholders efforts to apply and update the Saudi Building Code, as it will provide its vision on the means of application activation and the special requirements of energy conservation in buildings, as the timing of the forum and the exhibition comes after the end of the trial period for the application of the Saudi Building Code, pushing some bodies to seriously focus on electrical energy efficiency in general, and the ways to ensure the rationalization of electricity consumption in buildings in particular.

The Forum and Exhibition, accompanying the workshops, are an integrated event that is recognized as one of the most important events held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The importance of such event is confirmed also as it coincides with developments and growing business witnessed by the Kingdom in the energy sector in general and the electrical energy in specific, including the increase in production capacity and the curbing of dissipation and wasting energy; and the shift to renewable and atomic energies because of the need to expand, strengthen and develop the electricity system to cover the growing needs on the demand for electrical energy as a result of the urban evolution and the giant projects in the Kingdom. Electrical service reached so far nearly 6.3 million subscribers, and electricity projects implementation costs exceeded 100 billion riyals. Saudi plan for the next ten years (2012_2021) expects to implement projects costing 452 billion riyals. Rapid growth will continue on demanding electrical energy, which requires working to curb ineffective consumption of energy for safekeeping it, instead of protecting the environment for sustainability of energy for future generations by strengthening energy production from natural resources as solar and wind energy.



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