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The organization of The first GCC Proficiency Testing Conference comes in line with the strategic orientation of the GCC Standardization Organization to the “development of Standardization and Quality infrastructure”, which would contribute to “the development of commerce and industry and the national economy in the Member States”.

The study carried out by the Organization during the year 2011 on the reality of proficiency testing activities in the Member States showed that the laboratories working in Member States are in a big need for a unified center of information on the area of proficiency tests. Many of the laboratories participated in the First Technical Symposium for integration between laboratories operating in the Member States expressed a need to raise awareness for how to take advantage of proficiency testing to prove the credibility of the testing and calibration services they offer, and for how to obtain the proficiency testing programs covering their areas of activity.

Thereby, the vision of GCC Standardization Organization on how to coordinate and develop proficiency testing in the Member States included a recommendation to GCC Standardization Organization for organizing annual training courses and seminars on proficiency testing activities.

Because the field of proficiency testing is new in the Member States, and the infrastructure of laboratories has not yet been organized in the form of national or regional gatherings representing them and reflecting their needs, GCC Standardization Organization needs to meet a group representing the laboratories to consider their needs and to determine the Member States priorities with respect to the areas that shall be developed initially.

The date and venue of the Forum was selected to coincide with the annual exhibition of laboratory equipment in Dubai ARABLAB, where thousands of laboratories gather to be acquainted with the latest technological developments in the field of laboratory equipment, www.ARABLAB.com. This Forum extends over four days (March 10 to 13, 2013).

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