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Gulf encyclopedia aims at highlighting the efforts exerted by the public and private agencies of the Gulf Cooperation Council in the application of management systems of their various sectors and bodies; and in urging and encouraging the agencies and companies not applying such systems to commence the application thereof and to obtain the management systems certificates in order to improve their performance, control the production costs , promote their products in the Gulf and international markets, and to internationally introduce the quality, performance and service of concerned agencies and companies working in the GCC Member States. This encyclopedia is characterized by its international distinctive standards, specifications and look to shed more light on the major companies, and to highlight information about the management systems certified companies through the company profiles. This encyclopedia is an important means of marketing and publicity for the quality management systems certified companies and for universally introducing the advertised products and the distinct commercial activities. The encyclopedia includes an updated database for the quality management systems certified companies in the GCC Member States and the opinion of the ISO experts on a number of related international organizations and useful information about those organizations, in addition to the rules and principles of quality management systems and the facility qualification process to be certificated. It is hoped that this encyclopedia would support Gulf industries in global markets to facilitate free trade exchange with trading partners worldwide, some substantive tasks are to be performed to achieve the project objectives according to the scope of work.

AMAD teamwork collected data for all facilities, bodies and factories in the GCC Member States and Yemen using trade directories, internet search, our private databases and communications with the concerned agencies in order to reckon the certified companies (with ISO 9001 - ISO 22000- ISO 14001 - OHSAS 18001 - ISO/IEC 27001 - …), the team searches for the person in charge of quality assurance in each facility, sends him the required data form by fax or email, verifying the safe receipt of such form, receives the form filled by such responsible accompanied with a copy of the certificate, then the team eventually enters the collected data into the encyclopedia system. AMAD Technical consultation and laboratories office designs the project handbooks and manuals.



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