Terms and Conditions

  • Subscription shall not be deemed confirmed until the trainee pays the subscription fees, in cash or by bank transfer, and receives an acceptance message via email from AMAD Tech for Training;
  • In special cases, subscription may be accepted and the trainee’s seat may be confirmed after receiving an engagement letter from the workplace of the trainee (with regard to government organizations). Such letter must include the subscriber’s name, the desire of the organization to put up the subscriber as a candidate to attend the course and a written obligation to pay the fees immediately after the course finished along with submitting a financial claim in the name of the organization;
  • At the end of the training course, and after fulfilling the attendance requirements, a subscriber shall receive a certificate of attendance. In case of certificates granted after passing certain tests, subscribers may receive such certificate either by hand, on the date of issuance, or by mail, in consideration of SR 50 within the KSA or SR 150 within any other gulf state;
  • A subscriber may file any comments or complaints on the training course. AMAD center shall respond to such complaint within three (3) working days and shall take the required procedures as AMAD Center thinks fit;
  • All information pertaining to the training course shall be announced on the MAMD Tech website. Call 00966112692559 for queries;
  • In the event a subscriber fails to attend the training course or desires to cancel the subscription, a subscriber may recover the fees in the same method of payment. A subscriber shall bear repayment fees according to the following conditions:
  • Full fees shall be recovered in case a subscription cancelled 15 working days, or more, prior to the date of commencement. Subscription cancellation shall be in writing or via the email used in registration. Verbal cancellation shall not be considered;
  • In case a subscription cancelled 7 – 14 working days prior to the date of commencement, 40% of the paid fees shall be deducted;
  • In case a subscription cancelled 6 working days, or less, prior to the date of commencement, a subscriber may not recover any of the paid fees.
  • In the event that a subscriber is absent from the training course, a subscriber may not recover any of the paid fees;
  • In case of non-completion of the number of subscribers of a certain training course, AMAD Tech Center may postpone the date of training course commencement; and
  • In case the training course is postponed and a subscriber does not approve the new assigned date of commencement, a subscriber may recover the full transferred fees in the same method of payment. AMAD Tech Center shall bear the transfer fees.



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