AMAD Group organize Training Cources

A Word from the CEO of the Training Sector

The Vision:

The training sector in AMAD Group seeks to pioneer in the training field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world. It aspires to be the strategic partner of entrepreneurs Support the Leaders”, depending on its competencies, expertise, and successful training experiences during the last decades.

The Mission:

The training sector is moving forward to reach its goal, and pays remarkable attention to the needs of the companies, organizations, and different entities in various fields. The sector develops the team works to get the highest return of outstanding productivity, based on the knowledge of the tasks rules assigned to them, risks and obstacles they face during the implementation, and the unique final image of the product regardless of its type.

The Core Values:

  • Quality: we believe that good work is the foundation of success and business quality is the way for its development.
  • Uniqueness: Avoiding repetition of ideas or content by tailoring the most appropriate solutions for our partners.
  • Pioneering: leadership is the integrated framework of combining the professionalism of our experts with the interaction of our partners.
  • Focusing: focusing on goals is the most important reason of achieving them.
  • Achievement: success of achieving goals is what we always seek to do.


These are the reasons made AMAD adopt a flexible strategic plan enabling it to outperform others in implementing several training programs in numerous fields, such as:

  • Quality
  • Food safety
  • Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)
  • Security and confidentiality of information
  • Environmental Management courses
  • Technical courses
  • Marketing courses

In all of these training programs, AMAD contracts with the most qualified lecturers -with the highest scientific certificates- who already provide training in various international scientific entities.

Be confident that partnering with the training sector in AMAD is valuable as it will develop your work teams with the best methodology combining the theoretical explanation of business concepts, whether administrative, technical, or marketing and its practical application. This will certainly increase the efficiency of the employees and qualify them for competitiveness in the labor market.