AMAD Group organize Training Cources

Statement by the Executive Director of Training Sector


“Integrated training programs and plans” is the target in the training sector in AMAD group to be provided in institutions and companies wishing to develop its teams to reach the highest standards of efficiency and reliability.

Through AMAD’s knowledge of the necessary details for the success of all training programs, individually, AMAD is achieving distinction in the training world in the Arab world in general and in Saudi Arabia in particular, through the provision of all means and tools to achieve the desired objectives of each program. Whether these means are scientific, practical, technical or research... etc.

To ensure the implementation of all training programs to the fullest, the Executive Director of Training follows closely the details to achieve the desired objective. This will be through the preparation of the strategic plan, the adoption of the annual plan, and following-up all stages of the programs preparation from the beginning to the end, including communication with lecturers and employers wishing to train their teams, and choosing areas equipped at the highest level from providing the appropriate atmosphere to the lectures, holding workshops, to representing the training sector at conferences and domestic seminars of activity associated with the sector's concerns.