Our Achievements

The following are the most important projects achieved recently. These projects varied to include international standards, technical reports, introductory booklets, flyers, advertisement flyers, and training materials.

  1. Translation of titles and scopes of 14000 international standards for the GCC Gulf Standardization Organization (GSO), that lasted for 12 months.
  2. Translation of 6500 pages of international standards and Saudi technical regulations for SASO, the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization.
  3. Translation of about 4000 pages of technical reports in the field of designs development for air conditioners to fit application in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the Ministry of Water and Electricity and Proctor Engineering Group, California, USA.
  4. Translation and summary of Saudi Building Code manuals, in its two parts (electrical requirements and energy saving requirements) for a total of 2300 special pages.
  5. Translation of 3500 pages of technical reports about cooling and freezing techniques and its feasibility of use for the Ministry of Water and Electricity and the British organization, BSRIA.
  6. Translation for documents of China-Arab States Cooperation Forum in the field of energy for the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States and the Ministry of Water and Electricity.
  7. Translation for the documents of the three seminars of the Electrical Safety Experts.
  8. Translation of a large group of promotional flyers and training content for the Gulf Training Center, AMAD Technical Training Center, and the Training Center of SASO.
  9. Translation for a wide range of technical websites.