Chairman’s Speech


Translation sector of AMAD Group is aiming at being among the pioneer translation and localization service providers in the Arab World. We depend on our competencies, expertise, and the distinguished translation team mastering all translation fields (technical, financial, legal, medical, or literary).


Since the establishment of the translation department back in 2007, it has been providing an integrated package of linguistic services including written translation, simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, localization, and conferences services. Moreover, AMAD Group prides on providing the highest quality standards in competitive prices and unmatchable customer service. This tendency helped us in building tight business relations.

AMAD’s translation team is an in-house team consisting of certified and specialized translators, reviewers, and proofreaders. They include holders of post-graduate degrees in language and translation.

AMAD Group translation department team is one of the most effective teams in the Arab World. This is based on the high efficiency, extensive technical knowledge, and the scientific background needed for the subject matters of projects. The result is a well-translated text that is precise, easily understandable, and conveys your direct message for your target audience.

Fundamental Values:

  • Quality: We believe that good work is the basis of success, and business quality is its advancement path.
  • Uniqueness: We distinguish ourselves through innovative ideas and content. In addition, we innovate the best solutions for our partners.
  • Pioneership: It comes in the scope of integration between the professionalism of our experts and the cooperation of our partners.
  • Focus: Focus on targets is the most effective way to achieve them.
  • Fulfillment: It means success in achieving targets, and that is what we seek.