Executive Manager’s Speech

AMAD realizes the importance of targeting customers with their local languages to convey your message, highlight the characteristics and uniqueness of your product, and provide necessary information for customers to take decisions regarding what suits their needs.


A Distinguished Competent Team

AMAD Group formed a group of competent translators with varied expertise backgrounds entitling them to handle different kinds of translation.

Thanks to the experiences and skills of the translation team, you get unmatchable translation services for your texts; a translation that is consistent with your product’s value, translation top-notch quality, and the ability to change files formats.

This includes different kinds of texts such as marketing texts, UIs, graphic presentations, programs, manuals, or booklets.


State of The Art Translation Tools

Translation sector of AMAD Group depends on the most recent technologies in translation industry to save time, costs, and efforts. We achieve this trough the following:

  • Preparation of glossaries and term bases. These are targeting unifying specialized or technical terms related to your projects, especially if the project must be divided between more than one translator. The result is terms consistency through the whole text and achieving clarity.
  • Application of CAT programs that include translation memory as a core component. SDL Trados Studio is on the lead of these programs, we apply its 2015 version. In addition to an integrated package of other CAT tools.
  • Language dictionaries certified by language specialized entities in order to elevate the accuracy of the target text.


Partnering in Profits

Do not hesitate to partner with the translation sector of AMAD group to get your product noticed in international standards and reach out for extended target audience, and, as a result, maximizing your profits from penetrating various business sectors.